OpenHospital v1.8 released

OpenHospital 1.8
– Swahili update! (thanks to Rosanna Colella)
– Spanish update! (thnkas to Corrado Sartori)
– French update! (thanks to Ivette Kadja and Sergio Santini)
– New! Italian, English and Spanish installer (thanks to Corrado Sartori)
– New! DICOM Viewer (thanks to Pietro Castellucci)
– New! SMS Framework to send SMS via GSM and HTPP with scheduling and spooling (thanks to Valentina De Leonardis)
– New! Patient Passport (photo) from webcam or file (with auto-cropping and auto-resize, from Kenya)
– Patient Examination module (height, weight, BMI, pressure, hearthrate, temperature, saturation and complain, from Somaliland)
– New Pharmacy Management control (with costs and delivery notes, from Etiopia)
– OPD and Admission/Discharge papers (from Etiopia)
– Pharmacy Suppliers address book (from Etiopia)
– CSV and Excel report exporter (from Etiopia)
– Sex and age control over wards and diseases (from Etiopia)
– Improved reports
– Improved Security
– Many GUI improvements
– Many bug fixing

WARNING!!! if updating from previous versions the admin user password will be reset to ‘admin’;
all other users passwords have to be reset again within the software File->Users module

Project Page:
Download page (for all platforms):

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